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Bearpaw Squared

The other week I had the last class in my Modern Patchwork Techniques 2 evening class block. I decided that we should concentrate on HST’s and maybe even have a go at designing our own blocks. And so, in preparation, I thought I’d try to design a block myself. After about 5 minutes doodling I

A bit of crochet…

Yes it’s crochet time again! I’ve got so many sewing projects on the go at the moment (including 5 different quilts!) but none of them are finished enough to share. But I’ve always got a bit of ‘downtime’ crochet on the go. And I know some of my readers like crochet best of all. Remember

ARRR8 completed

Isn’t this just stunning?! It’s not mine and I can only take credit for a small part of it, but this is the last top in the ‘Around the Bend and Across the Pond’ round robin I have been participating in (an Old Red Barn Company group). Our group is called ARRR8 (long story and

Golden Crochet Time

There’s been a lot of embroidery and a fair bit of quilting on the blog recently, but what about crochet I hear you ask? Do you have some crochet on the go Jo? Of course I do, dear readers, I always have crochet on the go. But this time I thought I’d be a bit

Massive Giveaway and website launch!

It’s Giveaway Time everybody!! Look at this big pile of booty that you could win!! But first of all I want to share some exciting news with you. For a while now I have been hinting at changes afoot in our Edinburgh shop. Earlier this year we started stocking fabric, wool and haberdashery to compliment

Going back to my Roots

Recently I launched new Bearpaw Craft Classes for the Spring/Summer term. It is quite a risk offering new classes – should I just teach the popular crochet and patchwork classes each week, which are always a sell-out, but risk boring my repeat customers? Or do I offer some new ideas and risk not getting enough

psychedelic crochet drugs

Time for a crochet post, don’t you think? Even though it doesn’t feature on this blog nearly enough, I always have some crochet on the go. It is also one of my busiest craft classes at work and so far I have taught 18 students to crochet and most of these have now entered a

Teaching People to Crochet…

…is probably the most exhausting thing I have ever done! More on that later, lets look at some more of my baby owls first. They appear to be hatching out of the wool in this shot! I decided that a great way to promote the new wool range I am stocking in my shop was

Too Busy To Blog – part 1

My life is a bit of a whirlwind at the moment and I feel my poor old blog is being slightly neglected. So please forgive me, dear readers, and also all you lovely bloggers whose blogs I usually follow. I just have not had a spare minute over the last few weeks to properly visit

I just received the mini quilt of my dreams!

Wow! Just look at this totally stunning little quilt made for me by Fiona (fionapoppy) in the Brit Quilt Swap! As soon as I saw the initial ideas for this quilt I knew it was perfect for me. All the way through the swap, as it kept getting more and more beautiful, I kept hoping