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Mini Quilt swap

I have just heard from Mary, my mini quilt swap partner, that she has finally received my little offering.  You may remember I gave you a sneak preview a few weeks back. But here is the whole thing! It is called ‘Tudor Vine’ as the inspiration was of a black and white photo of a

A patchwork/crochet mash-up

I know that quite a few of my readers are primarilly interested in quilts and are not particularly interested in my intermittent crochet posts, so here is an attempt to get you quilters more interested in crochet – a patchwork crochet cushion! Just think of it as woolly quilting… Sadly it is another Farewell Cushion.

Blogger’s Quilt Festival Spring 2010

It’s finally finished! Well almost…  Regular readers will have seen a sneaky peek a few weeks back but, many hours of hand quilting later, I have got it finished enough to include it in the wonderful Blogger’s Quilt Festival.   It is a special surprise quilt for my sister’s 60th birthday (which was on Tuesday).

Greengate Cushion

What a busy and dramatic week!Not much time for crafting (again!), as my dear sister, Jane (or ‘middle-aged muddle’ as she is known on the blog) came to visit on Sunday. This unfortunately coincided with a return to winter up here in Scotland and the weather was really so bad we hardly left the house.

A farewell cushion

I don’t know where the time is going at the moment! Too busy to do much blogging, that’s for sure! Nearly finished with the shop refurbishment, just finishing the last room today. Actually it is ready but I have run out of stock to put in it! So it will just have to look a

Mini Quilts and REALLY Mini Quilts

Gosh nearly 10 days since my last post – sorry everyone!There is a lot of momentous stuff happening in my life at the moment which is rather getting in the way of my blogging. Can’t say too much at the moment (don’t want to jinx it!) but if it all works out then the future

A handmade Christmas part 1

First of all, mucho apologies for not posting at all in the last two weeks. It’s just the time of year, too much to do at work, Christmas shopping, along with a visit to my folks and the most time consuming thing of all, making lot’s of my christmas presents! So here’s a sneak preview

Golden Wedding Quilt

As promised a few weeks back, here is the next installment from my ‘family quilt’ archive.This one is a bit special as it was made for my parents Golden Wedding Anniversary 11 years ago (they celebrated their diamond wedding last year!). It is really a fabric photo album. I had to give my father a

Old Family ‘Birthday Quilts’

One of the results of writing this blog and having my Flickr page is that I have had a chance to capture and archive lot’s of older quilts that I previously only had snap shots of (or no image at all). So I took advantage of the trip I made to visit my parents last

Double Wedding Ring Quilt

I feel I have been neglecting the patchwork and quilting on the blog recently. Too much crochet! So wanted to share the last ‘proper’ quilt I finished.This is the quilt I made for Gordon and Michelle’s wedding last November. Appropriately thepattern is called ‘double wedding ring’ and was probably one of the most challenging traditional