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Mini Randoms

A few months back I made this mini spool quilt with leftover sample blocks from my Modern Patchwork Techniques 1 and 2 evening classes. As I am doing a new ‘Modern Sampler’ class this year I can use all my old class samples up (something I have been dying to do since I made them!).

July Fresh Sewing Day

I am so pleased that I’m finally managing to link up with Lynne’s Fresh Sewing Day! After doing the first couple of months 2 years ago I’ve been constantly forgetting about it ever since – doh! I have got SOOO much finished in June! Look at the mosaic up there – it’s chock-a-block! And that’s

Porthole Petal Quilt

Years ago when I started writing this blog I would share the gestation of every quilt, with sneak peeks and progress reports until the day I could say ‘it’s finished!’ But here’s a quilt I have been working on, intermittently, since the summer and I realise I haven’t mentioned it here once! I think this