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Crochet Virus Shawl

I have been really enjoying knitting socks over the last few years (and shared a few pairs over here), but I’ve recently come to terms with the fact that my hand problem (inflamed tendons due to RSI) flairs up more with knitting than any other hand activity. However I love working with the self patterning

Flower Tile Cushion

Last week we had a little taste of Spring up here in Scotland with some mild weather. But alas, it was short lived and this week we’ve been plunged back into winter. However Spring can’t be far away, and here’s a lovely Spring-like project to get us in the mood! And look, it’s made the

New Patterns and New Classes!

I have had a VERY busy weekend! In fact I have had a very busy couple of months! And tomorrow I will be lying beside a pool in the sun as I am off on my hols to Tenerife!! I can’t wait! But before I go, I just have time to tell you about our

African Flower Crochet Blanket FINISHED!

YES! As it approaches the sixth anniversary since I started it, I am delighted to tell you that the African Flower Crochet Blanket is now officially finished!!  And just in time for summer! Though as this is Scottish summer that sentence is not as ironic as it sounds! I started this way back when, not

Sophie Update and a Crochet Cushion

Back last Spring I started the Sophie’s Universe CAL 2015 and wrote about it here. I was getting on quite well but got distracted and stopped for about 4 months!  The problem with this project is that you really need to give it your full concentration (rather than what my sister calls ‘mindless’ crochet, where

New Workshops for the Autumn!

We’ve just launched our Autumn Term prospectus at myBearpaw Craft Studio! I’ve been very busy over the last few weeks making some new class samples, and feeling quite festive despite it being July (not that you’d know it as we have had the most atrocious weather this summer in Scotland – it’s just starting raining

Granny Blanket QAYG Quilt

Here is my newest project for Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine! Some of you may be surprised at the simple, sparse look of this quilt, as usually my quilts are a little ‘fancier’. But read on and you will find out why I wanted to make it so much. Issue 23 is now available and

Sophie’s Universe CAL 2015

These days I am in the enviable position of making quilts and sewing for a living. I have a wonderful life and every day I count my blessings. But making your living with your hobby does give you one problem – you need a new hobby! crochet is also part of my working life as

Crochet blankets – one finished, one started!

I have a crochet finish!! After 3 years my Wool-eater blanket is complete! This is a wonderful free pattern from Sarah London’s blog and one of the first crochet patterns I tackled. I finished my first wool-eater blanket about 5 years ago for a friend’s 50th birthday, you can see it here. It was made with

How I used my embroidery and FREE workshops!

Excuse me a moment while I blow the cobwebs off this blog! A bit of a posting break occurred due to a lingering virus, too many magazine deadlines, a lot of classes and a 4 day show at Glasgow SECC that involved 4 EPP workshops a day! Today is my first proper day off in