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Hot Air Balloon Cot Quilt

Baby Oscar (my Great-nephew) has finally arrived! Actually he wasn’t late but his mummy had convinced me he would be coming early so I’ve had the cot quilt finished for a few weeks without being able to share it.You can now see it in all it’s glory with the little ‘balloon animals’ sitting in their

Baby Ewan’s Cot Quilt

Finally getting a chance to write something here! Don’t seem to have been able to catch my breath in the last few weeks. Very frustrating as I have SO much to talk about and share!I will start with photos of the now completed cot quilt for Michelle and Gordon’s new baby (they of the double

Balloon Animals

I have been working on a cot quilt for my niece, Kate, for a few months now. The baby is due in 2 weeks and I reckon I will have it finished by then and can share it on this blog. The quilt is made up of 9 blocks, each with a hot air balloon

First Photos!

Feel very pleased with myself for working out how to do this on my own (ok I watched a video tutorial first!). Not many photos to choose from yet as Jonathan needs to process some to be jpgs (I sound so technical!) but here are 2 close ups of baby Henry ‘danger’ Roberts cot quilt.