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Pouch Problem?

Is an addiction to zippy pouches a recognised condition?!  If so I think I better get some help as I can’t stop making them!

I’ve been talking about my Tendrils Technique in my last few posts.  The pouch above was the first one I tried with this technique, using Dashwood Studio ‘Paper Meadow’ fabric. I sold this the other day with funds going towards the Makers for Grenfell fund.

These next three were all made with leftovers from my Shangri la farm Sherbet Quilt, with the one at the back using the panels I made in my FOQ Aurifil stand demo.
Talking about Aurifil, my new thread collection got a proper launch on the Aurifil blog on Sunday. You can read the post here which includes an interview with me and a giveaway to win a box (which has one day left to run – so don’t hang around before entering!). 
I should get my stock of thread boxes very soon and I’ll be sure to let you know when they are ready to sell!

Back to the pouches. This narrow pouch (without a gusset) was made from the bottom part of my aborted attempt to make a new laptop case (documented in this post).

I put this one up for sale on the Makers for Grenfell site but it didn’t sell (I am going to use it for  a giveaway soon instead!). But I did sell the other pouch I made from the rest of my failed laptop case.

So that’s four pouches sold and a total of £135 raised! A huge thanks to all four buyers!

Here’s a close up of the finished pouch made with my Tendril Technique demo sample. I’m holding on to this one as a class sample. This is going to be a new myBearpaw Craft Class next term and also one of my Thread House workshops for our 2018 Retreat. 
We announced all our Thread House workshops yesterday. Here’s a wee look at them…
We are so excited about the 2018 retreat classes! I wish I could do them all! Take a look at our website here for details.

As we are unlikely to have enough time to make a scrappy improv panel AND a zippy pouch in a class session I thought I would try the tendrils technique over a plain quilted panel. So I broke into my hoarded stash or the amazing Outback Wife fabric by Cathy of Gertrude Made fame. This is a beautiful bark cloth and the slightly heavier feel works so well here.

I also experimented with a more rounded leaf shape, which is a little bit tricky but probably worth it.

And here’s the finished pouch. I call these large gusseted pouches ‘Project Pouches’ as they are large enough to carry around your current craft project. They measure approx 10in high by 12in wide and 2in deep and the base.

We’ll have the new myBearpaw classes for sale at some stage new week including the Tendrils Project Pouch. Meanwhile we have plenty of space on some of our current classes. Check them all out here.

Now, I think it’s time to make another pouch! Oh dear!


  1. plenty pouches all lovely, and such an interesting interview over on aurifil. I ordered zips from amazon to make lots pf pouches for a charity fund raise they never came such a shame but the fund raiser is today so fingers crossed all i have made raises money for the epilepsy charity.

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