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Farmer’s Wife 1930s QAL – Hope

Hi Folks and welcome to my latest guest post on the Farmer’s Wife 1930s QAL. We are up to block 43 – nearly half way through!

This is Hope, she was quick and Easy and I think very striking. As before I English Paper Pieced the block as described in this earlier post.

Not that I am half way through though! In fact Hope was the first FW block I have made this year! But I have made 23 now and 11 of these I made during a week’s holiday with my sister in December, 
So I thought it might be nice to show these here and also share some of the mistakes I made along the way!
Above is Anne (5), which looks a lot better in real life, that’s actually a lovely pink but I think the sun was a little too bright here.
When I first started the FW project I just picked out the blocks I thought looked nice and interesting and ignored the more simple looking ones. But I decided to start going back through the numerical list and ticking off the ones I missed, like Aunt (8) which was very quick and easy.
As was Bonnie (16), probably the easiest so far. 
You can just see the terracotta tiles of the patio at my sisters apartment in Tenerife beneath the blocks here. Every December we spend a week there, and have a lovely relaxing time with lots of walking, sunbathing and sewing. She is also doing the Farmer’s Wife so we sat in the sun sewing our blocks together this year. Jane has done a lot more than me (but then she is retired!), though apparently I am faster (she was timing us, not me!). It’s been lovely to share this project with her.
This is Betty (14)… 
…and Ann (4), one of the tricky ones with tiny pieces that somehow always become mislaid halfway through sewing!

Ava (10), trying to bring in some mauve to my colour palette here.

This is Becky (12), very easy and very modern looking.

This has to be one of my favourites, Bea (11) – so pretty! 

Another quick and simple one, Belle (13).

And I think this was the last one I finished, the day after I got back, Cat (22). Then I put everything away for Christmas and started crocheting and sock knitting instead.
Let’s look at some of the mistakes I made now (always fun to read about I think, but not to actually make!).

This is Bride (17), and it took me quite a while to notice that I had the bottom right bit upside down! In fact it wasn’t until I had posted it on Instagram.

So I unpicked and re-made that section, replacing the pink triangles with the print, which I think looks much better.

And lastly Addie (1). I just wasn’t really paying attention when I made this and have basically created a totally different block! I have ‘borrowed’ a photo of the correct placement from Kerry’s blog so you can see what went wrong…

I sewed the outer central sections upside down! But I think overall it looks okay so I will keep it as a ‘rogue’ block and perhaps re-make Addie correctly one day. Seeing as this is actually block number 1 it’s probably a good job I didn’t do them in order or I might have put myself off the whole thing!

How are you getting on with your Farmer’s Wife QAL? Are you still  going? Are you keeping up?? Hopefully I will have some more time to devote to this soon, and I will be back in a few weeks with another guest post. Happy sewing until then!


  1. Jodie Tawn said…
    I'm still going. I have 41 done now, but not the first 41, I started going through and picking the ones I wanted to do. Don't think I've done any since Christmas though, so better do some more soon!

    Your blocks are looking very pretty

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