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off-centre medallion

A big bold quilt for you today! This is my Off-centre Medallion which was made a few months ago for issue 26 of Love Patchwork and Quilting which is out now in the UK.

I was so excited to have made the cover this month!!

I just love how great they have made my quilt look in this shoot.

Having only recently made a medallion quilt for my evening course I wanted to do something a bit different here, so decided to make each border a different width and design. This meant packing a lot of content and technique into the pattern, but I love how it turned out – packed full of colour and detail!

All the fabric used is by Robert Kaufman, lots of Kona Solids, Spot On dots and a little Carolyn Friedlander crosshatch in the centre.

Things were going really well until I decided to use a spiral quilting pattern. Oh my god never again!!! It was a total nightmare, took forever and was very stressful!

I got lots of encouragement form the lovely folks on Instagram telling me it would all be worth it at the end, and I do love the way it looks, so I guess they were right. But seriously never again!!

The backing fabric is Carnaby Street by Art Gallery Fabric. I think it’s quite an old design which somebody gave to me a few years back when they were having a clear out. I had about 8 metres so expect to see it again one day!

It’s funny, but while I was making this I just wasn’t sure about it at all. Sometimes I absolutely love a quilt while I am making it but am disappointed when it is finished. This was the total opposite, every time I look at it I love it more!

And it isn’t the only quilt I made for this issue, there will be another post later in the week all about a very special quilt I made in collaboration with the Edinburgh Modern Quilt Guild and with details of how it could be yours one day soon!!


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  2. Love the whole thing…especially the last two rounds. Great idea with the off center. I think this is the best quilt I have seen in sooooo, soooo long! Congrats on that great cover shot too!!

  3. Love it Jo, great having something to challenge our symmetrical obsessions but it seems like a huge project for just one magazine issue, think you need a book deal.x

  4. I don't normally like modern quilts very much but this one is 'different'. It's hard to believe that it's mainly solids because there's so much going on. It has a touch of the Native American about it. And I love the way it's displayed on the magazine cover.
    Teresa x

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