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50 Fat Quarters Makes Bloghop!

Back in January I told you about a book I had co-authored, well it’s finally been published (more than a month early, slightly catching me off-guard!) and us authors have organised a bloghop to introduce ourselves and celebrate all our beautiful projects!

There is a full schedule for the 50 Fat Quarters bloghop at the bottom of this post.

PLUS I will be hosting a GIVEAWAY in a separate post later today (there was already too much for one post here!). You can win a copy of the book plus a big pile of fabric, some of which was used in the book’s projects!

Many of the authors are blogging (and real life!) pals of mine which made working on this book extra special.  The book is divided into chapters depending on how many fat quarters the project needs, which is a really clever idea.

There are so many fabulous projects to choose from, I wouldn’t know which to make first! And apparently it entered the top 1000 of ALL BOOKS on Amazon last week, which is very exciting!

So I better show you the projects I made for the book…

Here is my 1 FQ project – a personalised drawstring gift bag. It’s actually quite hard to think of something you can make with only 1 fat quarter! I love this Tilda teacup fabric and you will see it crops up in a few of the projects throughout the book. The publishers David and Charles, have their own online shop and wanted to tie the projects in with fabric available there so we all picked from the same (very good and varied) choice of fabrics.

Also I took some of these photos of the projects before I sent them off, you will see some from the actual book a few photos down…

This hexy garland notebook is another great gift and uses just 2 FQ’s and more lovely Tilda fabric.

Some of the other contributors had already nabbed the full-sized quilt slots (the editor wanted a huge variety of projects) so I made this mini quilt wallhanging for the 5-6 FQ section. I really love this large block design and I’m planning on making a full-sized quilt with 9 of these blocks some time soon!

Next up, also in the 5-6 FQ section is my Farm Pockets Playmat.

 This was probably the most challenging project, both in design and execution. But I think it was worth it as it’s a bit different and both useful and fun.

 And lastly, in the 10 FQ section, my favourite project – the Celebration Table Runner

A reversible table runner depicting a street of houses in the winter…

and on the other side, in the summer…

I absolutely love the styling they’ve done for it in the book!

The dimensions of this piece (long and thin) made it very difficult for me to photograph!
And again this pattern could be turned into a full-sized quilt very easily by replicating the rows of houses – that’s on the long list too!

That’s it for my projects, but it’s not all about me! Every weekday for the next 2 weeks one of the authors, plus the editor Ame Verso, will be sharing their amazing projects.

Here is the full schedule:
Monday 1st June – Jo Avery –  myBearpaw 
Tuesday 2nd June – Liz Betts – BetsyBetts
Wednesday 3rd June – Ali Burdon – VeryBerryHandmade
Thursday 4th June – Jesse Fincham – MessyJesse
Friday 5th June – Louise Horler – SewScrumptious
Monday 8th June – Kevin Kosbab – Feeddog
Tuesday 9th June – Emily Levey – StrawberryPatchRamblings
Wednesday 10th June – Cynthia Shaffer
Thursday 11th June – Kaye Prince – MissPrint
Friday 12th June – Ame Verso – StitchCraftCreate

You can buy 50 Fat Quarter Makes in all good book shops, or here on the publishers website, where you can also buy an e-book version. And of course that place beginning with A…
And for my local peeps I will have the book in stock in my Edinburgh shop from Friday!! I will make sure their are some signed copies available should you want my scribbly signature too 😉

Stay tuned for my GIVEAWAY later today!!!


  1. Hello Jo, it's wonderful to meet you:)
    Chiming in here from the USA, Commonwealth of Virginia. I love your drawstring gift bag and what a fabulous way to personalize w/fabric fats for each recipient and down size some of your stash too. We probably all have a fat quarter in mind just for that specific gift recipient.
    To hold and control your stash, I love making different size fabric baskets, out of 1/2 yards for the bigger ones or scraps and fat quarters for quart sized. YOu can place those baskets virtually anywhere; on the closet floor or shelves, on window ledges, shelving high and low. Adds so much color and personalization to whatever room you "stash" them in.

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