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Little Scrappy Trip Quilt

I am at home all week working on new Bearpaw craft classes for the Autumn which will get announced in a week or so (no pressure then!).
Phew, being creative all day is really hard work! And stressful! I’ll be glad to get back to the shop.
So there will be lots to show you soon, but meanwhile, for a little break from the coal face, I made this little cot quilt.

Amazingly, one of my son’s best friends has had a baby! That means I could almost be a granny myself – yikes!
One of the classes I am working on this week is a new intermediate patchwork evening class. This means I can use up the samples from my Modern Patchwork Techniques 1 and 2.
The first class in MPT1 was Scrappy Trip Around the World. It’s really caught on this year but I came across it a few years back after seeing it used in a Do Good Stitches Bee quilt.
I had 4 blocks already, so I sewed these together and used some left over strips for a border.

As I am at home it means I can’t pop in to the shop (a half hour drive away) for supplies. So this is very much a ‘use things up’ project. I even pieced the wadding together from scraps.
I thought I would try my hand at some new FMQ stitching with this circle or bubble pattern.

I wasn’t really sure how to achieve this affect and the whole time I was doing it I thought it was going to look awful. But actually it looks great!

And luckily Stuart has had a baby boy, as I think this wouldn’t have worked quite as well for a girl. I don’t know what the little ones name is and can’t ask my son as he is away meditating for 10 days in Herefordshire *sigh*.

I used a Riley Blake chevron for the binding and the whole thing took me only a couple hours (but I had the blocks pieced already).
It’s such a relief to get something finished!
Expect to here quite a lot from me over the next few weeks as lots of half finished projects reach fruition.


  1. I'm glad you told us that you had the blocks pieced already – I was beginning to feel inadequate thinking you knocked this together in no time. It would be a major project for me!
    I love the chevron binding and the circles quilting. I've yet to get the hang of FMQ.
    Teresa x

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