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Hansel and Gretel Quilt

I’ve made another Fairytale Quilt.
You may remember the 2 Red Riding Hood quilts and a 3 Little Pig quilt that I made previously. Well this time it is Hansel and Gretel!
Christina, the lovely lady who commissioned the second Red Riding Hood quilt has also commissioned this one. The first one was for her daughter, Eden, and now she has had another little girl, Olive, and this one is for her.

Creating the gingerbread cottage was challenging but lots of fun. I used a mixture of colourful buttons and felt for the sweets.
I bought some Hansel and Gretel fabric from Spoonflower and used this for the witch and for Hansel and Gretel. Here she is making her way back to the cottage.

And here comes Gretel, she’s been planning her escape and it’s time to make a run for it. Quick Gretel! Get away now before the witch comes!

She’s got away to the woods and now she is calling to Hansel. Hurry Hansel! You’ve still got time to escape before the witch gets there! (luckily for Hansel and Gretel the scary witch is firmly appliqued to the top).

 Here’s the quilt with Hansel, Gretel and an owl inserted in their pockets.

I’ve made the trees in different shapes for this quilt, I wanted this one to sit well beside the first quilt but not be too similar. I used these lovely embroidered iron-on transfers of a fox, bird and owl which have been perfect for this project.
You can see the original Fairytale Quilt here and the next 2 here and here.
One of the trees still has a hidden door and look who is behind it…

…a Heather Ross gnome! I had some left over from the last Fairytale Quilt. All the other ones have had a ladybird behind the door so it was nice to have a change here.

Here is a close up of the ‘owl tree’.
I bought enough Hansel and Gretel fabric to use for the back.

The binding is a Riley Blake ‘sweetcakes’ fabric with tiny white hearts on red. Here are the play figures that go with the quilt.

I really enjoy making these little wall hangings and sending them off in to the world. And I have even developed a workshop to teach the different techniques I use. I am still busy planning next term’s classes but there will definitely be room for a Fairytale Quilt Workshop, so if anyone fancies making one of these themselves keep an eye out on our website or sign up for our newsletter here.


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