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More bags and a bear with paws

Do you remember a few months back when I showed you my ‘little animal in a teacup pincushions’ (must think of a snappier name!)? I wrote about them here and asked you to suggest an animal to go in the last teacup (I like to think it’s of similar importance to the 4th plinth in

Bags, bags bags and cushions!

The rest of the UK has been scorching under a hot summer sun, but here in Edinburgh we have had a very cloudy week (though pleasant and warm). This has meant that my week off has been really productive – if the sun was out I would not be able to help myself from lying

Vintage haul

A few weeks back we (Jonathan and myself) were delivering our last piece of furniture (from our now finished furniture making business) to a local customer. As we were saying goodbye, she took me aside and asked me if I would be interested in some antique linens. Well as you can imagine I was certainly