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Vintage Home BOM Quilt Along – Month 3

Welcome to month 3 of our Vintage Home BOM quilt along! I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas. I always think this period between Christmas and New Year is an odd, disorientating time, I never know what day it is and I’m all out of my routine! So this latest issue of Today’s

Vintage Home BOM Quilt Along – Month 2

Welcome to month 2 of the Vintage Home BOM Quilt Along!  I have been so happy to see your teapots popping up all over Instagram! Even my sister Jane is joining in 🙂 This month we are adding to our Tea Party with with some cups and saucers.  And as these are quite small blocks we

Another Cathedral Window Cushion, Another Magazine…

Here’s a cushion I finished back in January. I did give you a sneak peek and shared the embroideries I used, but now you can see the finished result. Another Cathedral Window (it’s becoming an addiction!), made again from Essex Linen this time in bleached white, and with vintage and new embroideries peeping through the

Vintage Floral Embroidery

Regular readers will know that I have a large collection of vintage embroidered linens. I have been cutting these up and using them to make things like notebook holders and cushions for a while now. But, inevitably, I’m starting to use up all the best bits. And some of the bits are just so gorgeously

Golden Crochet Time

There’s been a lot of embroidery and a fair bit of quilting on the blog recently, but what about crochet I hear you ask? Do you have some crochet on the go Jo? Of course I do, dear readers, I always have crochet on the go. But this time I thought I’d be a bit

Warning – vintage notebook overdose alert!!

A couple of months ago I made my first two of these notebook holders. I wrote about them here and I hoped to teach a workshop on them. However this was another of those classes that didn’t get enough interest (I seem to be always saying this, but lots of my classes do get booked

Vintage linen notebook covers

I have been busy making new projects for my Craft Workshops. Here is the latest, notebook covers made with pieces of vintage embroidered linen. About a year ago I bought a big haul of these from a church who had been left them in a church member’s will. I wrote about it in this post.

Cathedral Window Pillow

Well I have had quite a week with all the snow, ice and traffic chaos up here in Scotland. I can’t be bothered to bore you with all the details, but we did finally manage to get my father on a flight home on Thursday, but that was only after 2 failed attempts to take

Bench cushions and a batch of owls

  I have been spending the last week making some things for the shop. I had a commission for some cushions which I really had to get on with and my Bearpaw display is looking a bit depleted, so I have decided to concentrate my efforts on making things to sell rather than to swap!

More bags and a bear with paws

Do you remember a few months back when I showed you my ‘little animal in a teacup pincushions’ (must think of a snappier name!)? I wrote about them here and asked you to suggest an animal to go in the last teacup (I like to think it’s of similar importance to the 4th plinth in