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Today’s Quilter BOM

When I was asked to design the new Today’s Quilter Block of the Month I’ll admit to being both proud and nervous, seeing as I was following on from my quilt hero Jen Kingwell! Jen’s BOM was absolutely stunning so I had my work cut out! I had asked the TQ editor (another Jen) whether

Autumn is for Applique

  We’ve just put our wood burning stove on for the first time since before summer, so in our house that means it’s officially Autumn! And as much as I hate the short days and the grey skies it is lovely to be warm and cosy inside. Regular readers will know that I have been

New York Beauty Brigade Quilt

Welcome to my New York Beauty Showstopper!  This was the design brief I had from my lovely editor Jen when I discussed making a quilt with Jennifer Paganelli’s sumptuous new line ‘Color Brigade’ (I know, it’s an American name so it has American spelling, just grit your teeth and let it go). I have a

Colourwash Quilt

Wow, two finished quilts in the same week! Of course these were both finished months ago but at last I can share them here! This quilt features in the latest issue (12) of Today’s Quilter and there’s a bit of a story behind it that involves a feature I’ve contributed to! (so not just sewing

Summer Garland Applique

I’ve been a bit busy over the last week getting ready for a weekend of celebration for my 50th birthday (which is actually tomorrow). I had a fab time at my party on Saturday with lots of family and friends coming to visit and general merriment (and of course Karaoke!!)! The weather was also amazing!

Fujiwhara Quilt

Ta Da!! This is my Fujiwhara Quilt and it’s already one of my favourite quilts ever – maybe actually THE favourite! I find it very difficult to stop myself staring at it lovingly – is that weird?! I made this back in February/March and have been desperate to share it since then! But of course

Spring Garland Applique

After my slightly moany post last time and less than enthusiastic quilt unveiling (thanks so much to everyone who told me they liked it!) here is another magazine commission that I TRULY LOVE! I am doing a series of four seasonal applique cushions for Today’s Quilter, starting with Spring which is in issue 7 (out

Porthole Pirates Quilt

This was a lovely fun quilt to make with the most adorable fabric. It’s my third quilt for Today’s Quilter, in issue 6 which is out now. And I really enjoyed making a quilt for a child for a change. I love that cover quilt by TQ regular’s Pam and Nicky Lintott.  And the eagle eyed


I have to admit that I didn’t know what a Biscornu was before I was asked to make one! But then I don’t think I’m the only one, have you heard of it before?! Well it turns out it’s this odd shaped cushion, and I actually owned one (made for my by my lovely pal

Jungle Blooms Quilt

This quilt is a bit different for me! Now I’ve started working for Today’s Quilter I have been lured away from the modern quilting style a little. Not completely though! I couldn’t ever make something I didn’t like! The idea for this quilt started way back at the Anna Maria Horner workshop at QuiltCon when