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Potholder Swap!

This year’s Stitch Gathering swap item is a pot holder! I am just starting to allocate partners for both of this year’s swaps (we are also hosting a nametag swap as we do every year) so I thought an inspiration post for pot holders would be a good idea. So I thought I should have

Modern Applique Garland

How lovely do these photos look taken in the Autumn sunshine! Meanwhile in the present depths of our Scottish Winter I have forgotten what the sun looks like! It has been grey, wet and miserable for so long now and with no hope of a reprieve in the near future *sigh*. So I am firmly

UKminiswap quilt

Somehow I found myself signing up for another Instagram swap! I think it was late last year and of course the April deadline seemed so far away at the time… This is the UKminiswap organised by Nina and to be honest I was very attracted by the reduced postal rates involved in having a partner in

QuiltCon Prep with The Makers!

So I think you all know by now that I AM GOING TO QUILTCON!!! This is probably one of the most exciting things I have ever done (is that a bit sad?!) and I am on my way to Austin TOMORROW!! I have a lot of workshops booked and have to take a large amount

Snappy Pickledish

I signed up for the IGminiswap during an evening of social media frenzy and mass hysteria (you know how it is), and at the time the shipping date seemed SSSOOOOO far away. But of course it comes around… So very last minute I started this just 2 days before I needed to ship. I knew

Giveaway results and lovely gifts for me!

First of all let’s get those results out the way! The winner of the Stitch Gathering Goody Bag is number 86! Congratulations Gill!! I will email you privately to get your address 🙂 Commiserations to everyone else, but to make up for your loss let’s look at some pretty things. I wanted to highlight the

Preparing for Fat Quarterly Retreat 2014

It’s nearly that time of year again – yes it’s time to head down south to London Town and meet up with all my quilty pals at Fat Quarterly Retreat 2014! Woot woot!! This year will be extra special (and slightly more stressful) because I am teaching at the Retreat. I am teaching ‘Further Adventures

The Stitch Gathering Ticket Bag Samples

I’m sure by now you have all heard about the Stitch Gathering. And all about the quilt I recently finished from last year’s fabric tickets. A few people suggested that last year’s ticket was such a great idea we would have trouble topping it this year. Well I had something up my sleeve that might

Nametags Workshop

It’s getting very nearly time for our Stitch Gathering Retreat! And I know some of you still haven’t made your nametags yet, so I thought I would do a post with nametag ideas that might be of help with last minute panics. I’ve been making a few of these to show at my Bearpaw Craft

Getting ready for Fat Quaterly Retreat!

I’m off to London a week on Thursday for the second Fat Quaterly Retreat and looking forward to it even more than the last one! I think this is because I am more relaxed this time and less nervous about meeting everyone and what to expect. I am taking part in another Sample Swap, this