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Mini Quilts and REALLY Mini Quilts

Gosh nearly 10 days since my last post – sorry everyone!There is a lot of momentous stuff happening in my life at the moment which is rather getting in the way of my blogging. Can’t say too much at the moment (don’t want to jinx it!) but if it all works out then the future

Golden Wedding Quilt

As promised a few weeks back, here is the next installment from my ‘family quilt’ archive.This one is a bit special as it was made for my parents Golden Wedding Anniversary 11 years ago (they celebrated their diamond wedding last year!). It is really a fabric photo album. I had to give my father a

Old Family ‘Birthday Quilts’

One of the results of writing this blog and having my Flickr page is that I have had a chance to capture and archive lot’s of older quilts that I previously only had snap shots of (or no image at all). So I took advantage of the trip I made to visit my parents last

Blogger’s Quilt Festival

Sun Wheel Mandala QuiltBack in the early 1990’s the Crafts Council in London held a wonderful exhibition of ‘New American Quilts’ which I attended along with a couple of accompanying lectures. The exhibition totally blew my mind and I realised there was so much more I could do with quilting than just Log Cabin ‘quilt-in-a-day’.One

Sashiko inspired cushion

A few weeks ago I finally finished the Hot Air Balloon Cot Quilt after a long haul of embroidering rigging and lines. I was desperate to spend a day just indulging my creativity in the sewing room. I had really enjoyed using the embroidery silks and wanted to have a go at some Japanese sashiko

Double Wedding Ring Quilt

I feel I have been neglecting the patchwork and quilting on the blog recently. Too much crochet! So wanted to share the last ‘proper’ quilt I finished.This is the quilt I made for Gordon and Michelle’s wedding last November. Appropriately thepattern is called ‘double wedding ring’ and was probably one of the most challenging traditional