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Turning Japanese…

 … oh yes I’m turning Japanese, I really think so! Those of you of a certain age may remember this song by the Vapors. And it comes into my head as I consider my growing obsession with all things Japanese. Well as long as it’s sewing related that is! It started about 5 years ago

Giveaway results and lovely gifts for me!

First of all let’s get those results out the way! The winner of the Stitch Gathering Goody Bag is number 86! Congratulations Gill!! I will email you privately to get your address 🙂 Commiserations to everyone else, but to make up for your loss let’s look at some pretty things. I wanted to highlight the

A few wee makes

Do you remember a few months back I showed you a new magazine that featured my African Flower Crochet Bag? The publishers wanted to get pre-orders so had mocked up a cover showing lots of the featured bags. Well here is that actual magazine, Creative Bagmaking, out just yesterday. And as you can see my

A hearty Goodbye to 2011…

… and Hello to 2012! I am just hoping it will be an improvement on 2011 which was a pretty pants year as far as I was concerned, but it did have lots of good points too. And look at all the quilts I managed to actually finish! I am very impressed with myself. Of

Blogger’s Quilt Festival Autumn 2011

Welcome! Today I am taking part in the Blogger’s Quilt Festival. This is the 5th BQF I have taken part in and it is a real highlight of my bloggy year. Usually I have a lovely new, full-sized quilt to share with you all, but I have had quite a challenging 6 months and so

Too Busy to Blog – Part 2

Phew! I have finally got to the end of my mammoth sewing and crocheting marathon! So here are the next batch of projects completed for my Bearpaw Craft Classes venture. Do you remember the Sleepy Owl Pyjama Case I made last year? Well here is his big brother Wide Awake Owl Doorstop! I thought this

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day!

Woo hoo! It’s Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day! Last year I applied to join in a little too late but somehow my name still appeared on the list and I then had a lot of very disappointed visitors! So this year I am going to make amends by giving away this monster pile of fat

Hand quilting with Lynz and Julie

On Saturday I had the great pleasure of a visit from not one, but two blogging friends! Here is Lynz from Domestic Light and Magic and Julie from Forest Poppy (with me in the middle). Don’t we look happy? That is mainly down to the yummy chocolate cake we are devouring! Julie made the most

Doll Quilt finished and received by my partner

I actually finished my doll quilt a couple of weeks back, but what with starting so many new projects I haven’t had time to post about it. My partner received the quilt last week and seems to be genuinely delighted with it, so phew! I was making this quilt as part of the Doll Quilt

Lovely things in the post and a bouquet of new corsages

  Don’t you think that our lovely community of crafty bloggers are the nicest, most generous people in the world?! I do! A few months ago I got a very nice email from a lady called Elizabeth Scott, from San Francisco, who had found my Little House Pincushion Tutorial while searching the internet for Greengate