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Crochet catch-up

I’ve been very busy in the sewing room over the last few weeks. Apart from all the scrappy-ness I showed you a few weeks back, I have also managed to make 8 cushion covers and 8 leaf needlecases for the shop. But in between all the sewing I have managed to get some crochet done

Our Shop

Well, after an exhausting week re-fitting and re-organising our main shop we finally opened yesterday.Here are some photos just before opening, with everything looking shiny and new. We are really pleased with the way it looks. The shop has 2 big front rooms and 2 smaller back rooms.Here is the second front room with all

Introducing Blackford and Morningside!

Welcome to a beautiful, sunny, winter’s day in South Edinburgh! I am going to take you on a short tour of the area where I live. No crafting today just some healthy exercise and fresh air and lot’s of interesting things to see.Above is the lovely, sandstone, terraced street that we live on. Our house