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a peek inside ‘The Sewing Room’

Seeing as I might be moving everything out of my little sewing room quite soon, I thought it would be nice to share some of it with you. So here is a little peek at some very select parts of it. This is because the rest of it is so horrendously messy that I am

It’s owl time again!

There are lot’s of big changes happening in my life at the moment. I think this seems to be the case for a lot of people, perhaps something to do with the planets! We are doing some major re-structuring with our business in an attempt to survive the recession and this should mean that, once

Handmade labels and the missing photos!

I finally found the photo of the last few bits of handmade Christmas presents that got left off the last post. I just want to mop this up as it is niggling me!So here is the aforementioned Coloured Pencil Roll I made for my neice Ana. Read more about this here.And here are the special

What I did in my holidays!

I was very lucky to be given a beautiful book of Japanese textile ‘gifts’ by my dear husband, Jonathan, for Christmas. It is called ‘Kokoro no Te’ which translates as ‘Handmade treasures from the heart’. And I have had such a wonderful time trying out some of the projects over my Christmas holidays!It is filled

A handmade Christmas part 3

I’ve rounded up most of the photos of the rest of the presents I made for friends and family this year to share with you all.So this is going to be a reasonably long post! Mainly because I’m dying to show you the new things I have been making from my Japanese book over the

A handmade Christmas part 2

Now Christmas is over and the presents have been opened I can share with you a few more of the gifts I have been making over the last month.Here are 2 little baby elephants made for the 2 new baby boys born this year.This one is for Ewan who I made the cot quilt with

A handmade Christmas part 1

First of all, mucho apologies for not posting at all in the last two weeks. It’s just the time of year, too much to do at work, Christmas shopping, along with a visit to my folks and the most time consuming thing of all, making lot’s of my christmas presents! So here’s a sneak preview


I came across this lovely owl on Miss Crafty’s website. She had been making one for an ‘owl swap’ and had found the pattern on another blog ‘Lolly chops’. Her owl looked so cute I couldn’t resist having a go myself and used some furnishing fabric remnants to make the first owl. I had decided