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Turning Japanese…

 … oh yes I’m turning Japanese, I really think so! Those of you of a certain age may remember this song by the Vapors. And it comes into my head as I consider my growing obsession with all things Japanese. Well as long as it’s sewing related that is! It started about 5 years ago

Liberty Pandas and the Robot

I think that has to be the weirdest post title this blog has ever had! It sounds like a new show on CBeebies! Let me explain… As I was saying in my last post, I have been planning lots of new classes for the Summer and Autumn, and one of them is called Handmade Party

More Woodland Friends

Meet Rufus the fox and the excitable owl.  A few weeks back I completed this embroidery featuring Boris the bear and his chicken as an inspiration piece for the Hoop up – Stitch & Send swap. I really loved making it and went on quite a bit about how much I was enjoying embroidery. My

Robin Christmas Decoration Tutorial

Do you remember this little fella? I did promise you a tutorial a couple of weeks back and, for once, I am actually delivering! My Saturday class last weekend was Hand Sewn Christmas Decorations, and I think all my students would agree that this little fat robin was the easiest one we tackled.  So, without

Vintage linen notebook covers

I have been busy making new projects for my Craft Workshops. Here is the latest, notebook covers made with pieces of vintage embroidered linen. About a year ago I bought a big haul of these from a church who had been left them in a church member’s will. I wrote about it in this post.

Wedding Blanket

I can’t believe that I have been making this crochet blanket for the last 2 months and yet I haven’t shared it with you at all! Just too much else going on at the moment. I have been making this as a wedding present for my neice Sarah and her new husband Rob. You may

Christmas present update and a hoop arrives finally!

Well, where have the last 2 weeks gone?! I had great plans for a lovely ‘Happy Christmas’ post with a special Christmas tree pincushion I had made. But I always forget how unbelievably frantic the last few days before Christmas are, and this year was even worse with everybody Christmas shopping so late because of

Autumn Leaves

I mentioned in an earlier post about how busy I have been recently making things for my shop, well here are some of the fruits of my labours (well more foliage than fruits…). You may remember the Leaf Needlecases from a batch I made earlier in the year. They are adapted from a beautiful Japanese

Crochet catch-up

I’ve been very busy in the sewing room over the last few weeks. Apart from all the scrappy-ness I showed you a few weeks back, I have also managed to make 8 cushion covers and 8 leaf needlecases for the shop. But in between all the sewing I have managed to get some crochet done


I’ve had a few days off from work so I have been holed up in the sewing room making stuff for my shop. I still had my scrap box out from making the scrappy coin block for the Tag Square Bee. It all looked so inviting that I couldn’t help having a play! First of