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Peekaboo Quilt

I have been desperate to do something with my Porthole Blocks that I made with Lucie Summers at the  FQ Retreat ( I can’t believe that was over a month ago now!). So here is my Peekaboo Quilt. Lucie leaves a 1/4 inch seam around her ‘holes’ (block on the left) but I preferred the

Liberty Pandas and the Robot

I think that has to be the weirdest post title this blog has ever had! It sounds like a new show on CBeebies! Let me explain… As I was saying in my last post, I have been planning lots of new classes for the Summer and Autumn, and one of them is called Handmade Party

What I did at FQ London 2012

Slightly after the event I know, and you will no doubt have seen A LOT of photos like the one above by now, but I really had to post about the weekend or you might get the idea I hadn’t enjoyed it! Sorry about the long break from posting, this is the first day at

FQ London Sample Swap – Embroidered Portraits

I’ve finally finished my pieces for the FQ London Sample Swap. Basically you make 4 pieces of something and swap them in groups of 5 so that everyone comes away with 4 different things. I was very keen to consolidate my recent woodland embroidery theme, so I thought some mini embroideries featuring my cast of

FQ London 2012 Linky post

I am a bit late to the party, but I’m here now!  I am linking up to a wee blog hop for everyone attending the Fat Quaterly Retreat in London this weekend. So if you are not coming, I can only apologise, you must be heartily sick of hearing about it!! I am so excited

I will be the envy of FQ London…

…with my beautiful name tag!! How gorgeous is this little embroidered badge made for me by Emily of Strawberry Patch Blog?! I am participating in a name tag swap for the Fat Quaterly Sewing Retreat in London next month (so excited!!). I hadn’t even started mine when this exquisite little thing popped through my mailbox