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A softie and some QAYG blocks for Christchurch

I’m sure you all saw the awful images on the news a couple of weeks ago, showing the terrible destruction and heartbreak following the devastating earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand. This follows on from another big earthquake that happened just a few months ago. Cat from Catalina’s Cottage has been organising ‘Quilts to comfort Christchurch

Snow, Pincushions and Brazillian Dolly revisited

First of all this is the reason I haven’t made it in to work today. Look at that snow! It certainly looks beautiful at Shangri La Farm today (especially the barn with it’s newly painted doors) but it’s not great for business because I have had to leave our shop closed today as conditions are

Babushkas in a basket

Here is a nice little project that kept me busy on Sunday afternoon. 3 little patchwork matryoshka dollies. They look a bit sleepy, don’t they? Lets find them somewhere nice to have a nap. A nice felt basket with a snuggly mattress. I think they need a bit more comforting though. A pretty blanket for

A Brazilian dolly and 2 African blocks

After the rampant capitilism of the last few weeks, making things and (attempting) to sell them for my own ends, I thought it was time I did something more altruistic. So after a Saturday spent working on my Doll Quilt (more on that another day), I dedicated Sunday to some ‘cherrity work’ (said in Smashy