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Catching up in the sewing room

 Remember the Patchwork Box Cushions I made for my shop a few months back? Well they all sold really quickly and I even managed to get a couple of commissions to make more of them, but to bespoke dimensions.    These 2 are for ‘Curtain Clare’ who used to make the curtains and blinds for

Bags, bags bags and cushions!

The rest of the UK has been scorching under a hot summer sun, but here in Edinburgh we have had a very cloudy week (though pleasant and warm). This has meant that my week off has been really productive – if the sun was out I would not be able to help myself from lying

A patchwork/crochet mash-up

I know that quite a few of my readers are primarilly interested in quilts and are not particularly interested in my intermittent crochet posts, so here is an attempt to get you quilters more interested in crochet – a patchwork crochet cushion! Just think of it as woolly quilting… Sadly it is another Farewell Cushion.

roses and daisies cushion completed

Do you remember this lovely pattern I started a few weeks back? I blogged about it here.Well I have finished the cushion and I’m really chuffed with it. I think it is the nicest thing I have crocheted so far.I have just realised that it would have been better to photograph it against a darker

A farewell cushion

I don’t know where the time is going at the moment! Too busy to do much blogging, that’s for sure! Nearly finished with the shop refurbishment, just finishing the last room today. Actually it is ready but I have run out of stock to put in it! So it will just have to look a

A handmade Christmas part 1

First of all, mucho apologies for not posting at all in the last two weeks. It’s just the time of year, too much to do at work, Christmas shopping, along with a visit to my folks and the most time consuming thing of all, making lot’s of my christmas presents! So here’s a sneak preview

Sashiko inspired cushion

A few weeks ago I finally finished the Hot Air Balloon Cot Quilt after a long haul of embroidering rigging and lines. I was desperate to spend a day just indulging my creativity in the sewing room. I had really enjoyed using the embroidery silks and wanted to have a go at some Japanese sashiko