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Finish-a-Long 2013

I didn’t take part in this last year. Somehow I thought I didn’t have that much to get finished. Well this year I have! But I am going to try to be realistic as the FAL is divided into quarters which gives me only 3 months to tackle these. So in this first post I

Humpty Dumpty Amigurumi

I’ve been wanting to teach a class in amigurumi for a while. It’s very easy once you know how but would still make a fun class, and my crochet addicts love any excuse to sit in the craft room and crochet all day. Amigurumi means ‘crochet or knitted soft toy’ in Japanese. Mainly they are

Crocheted African Flower Bag

Well I keep crocheting these African Flowers and the blanket is getting so heavy so I thought I better find a new use for them – so here’s my African Flower Handbag! With my blanket I have joined-as-you-go with a different colour round each hexagon but for this project I outlined each one with a

A bit of crochet…

Yes it’s crochet time again! I’ve got so many sewing projects on the go at the moment (including 5 different quilts!) but none of them are finished enough to share. But I’ve always got a bit of ‘downtime’ crochet on the go. And I know some of my readers like crochet best of all. Remember

Golden Crochet Time

There’s been a lot of embroidery and a fair bit of quilting on the blog recently, but what about crochet I hear you ask? Do you have some crochet on the go Jo? Of course I do, dear readers, I always have crochet on the go. But this time I thought I’d be a bit

Granny Circle Blanket with pattern

I really hope you all like looking at photos of crocheted blankets because there is a LOT of them in this post! Here it is finished, the beautiful, gorgeous, totally delicious, Psychedelic Granny Square Blanket I started back in January! And I am completely in love with it! So much so that I dragged it

Further Across The Sea

The lovely ladies of the Cherish Circle of Do Good Stitches Charity Bee have made a splendid job with the Far Across The Sea blocks for my month as quilter. I provided a tutorial and more info on this block in this post. It was lovely to receive little parcels of patchwork loveliness from all

Scrappy Colour Squares

Remember I showed you the centre of Jo’s quilt for our Around the Bend and Across the Pond Round Robin a few weeks back? Well I’ve finished the first round. After all the time I spent with solids working on my FLQS top, I just didn’t want to stop, and as Jo had asked for

psychedelic crochet drugs

Time for a crochet post, don’t you think? Even though it doesn’t feature on this blog nearly enough, I always have some crochet on the go. It is also one of my busiest craft classes at work and so far I have taught 18 students to crochet and most of these have now entered a

A hearty Goodbye to 2011…

… and Hello to 2012! I am just hoping it will be an improvement on 2011 which was a pretty pants year as far as I was concerned, but it did have lots of good points too. And look at all the quilts I managed to actually finish! I am very impressed with myself. Of