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Oggle Owl Tutorial

Ok, here it is! At long last, my promised tutorial for these cute little crocheted owls I have been making for the last year. I have had lots of requests for this and I know some of you are really excited to get started! First of all let me tell you that I don’t consider

Little House Pincushion Tutorial

Here is an early Christmas present for all my lovely readers – a tutorial for my Little House Pincushion! Complete with FREE patterns! As you can see above, I made this latest little house pincushion as a Christmas Cottage, complete with a reindeer and snow! And not only is it a super cute pincushion, but

Snow, Pincushions and Brazillian Dolly revisited

First of all this is the reason I haven’t made it in to work today. Look at that snow! It certainly looks beautiful at Shangri La Farm today (especially the barn with it’s newly painted doors) but it’s not great for business because I have had to leave our shop closed today as conditions are

Scrappy Button Mandela

  Here is my finished scrappy hoop for ‘The Scrappy (Hoops) – a Modern Swap‘. I have called it ‘Scrappy Button Mandela. A Mandela is a kind of prayer wheel that aids meditation. It is my first hoop attempt and I am really pleased with it. I pieced the middle circles then needle-turn appliqued the


I’ve had a few days off from work so I have been holed up in the sewing room making stuff for my shop. I still had my scrap box out from making the scrappy coin block for the Tag Square Bee. It all looked so inviting that I couldn’t help having a play! First of

Bench cushions and a batch of owls

  I have been spending the last week making some things for the shop. I had a commission for some cushions which I really had to get on with and my Bearpaw display is looking a bit depleted, so I have decided to concentrate my efforts on making things to sell rather than to swap!

More bags and a bear with paws

Do you remember a few months back when I showed you my ‘little animal in a teacup pincushions’ (must think of a snappier name!)? I wrote about them here and asked you to suggest an animal to go in the last teacup (I like to think it’s of similar importance to the 4th plinth in

Bags, bags bags and cushions!

The rest of the UK has been scorching under a hot summer sun, but here in Edinburgh we have had a very cloudy week (though pleasant and warm). This has meant that my week off has been really productive – if the sun was out I would not be able to help myself from lying

Stash, wildlife and an amazing old quilt book

We’re back from our short holiday to the West Highlands (more on that later) and now I am starting my week off at home with, hopefully, lot’s of time for sewing. But first of all I was off to Glasgow yesterday to spend my birthday money, and also to meet up with the 3 lovely