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Country Living Fair

Nothing much about Country Living Fair in this post, except for it is the reason I have not got much crafting to show you this week! This is the Country Living Christmas Fair held in Glasgow every year (they have one in London too), and I had a stand with my shop. I have no

New Bee – with a twist!

I have joined a new Bee. It is called the Tag Square Bee and is organised by BellsJo. There are 13 of us in the Bee and, like most Bees, every month we make a block for someone in the group. The big difference here (and the thing I really like about it) is that

Buzzy, busy bees

It seems like all I hear about on the blogs these days are Bees! No not furry, little, buzzy things but Quilting Bees (I am constantly explaining this to non-quilty friends!). I have recently got involved in my first Bee, the ‘Quick Christmas Bee’, organised by Maria of Me and Ma blog. There are only