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Vintage Home BOM Quilt Along – Month 2

Welcome to month 2 of the Vintage Home BOM Quilt Along!  I have been so happy to see your teapots popping up all over Instagram! Even my sister Jane is joining in 🙂

This month we are adding to our Tea Party with with some cups and saucers.  And as these are quite small blocks we need to make four in total – two of each kind.

We have a fancy teacup and a large teacup.

There is a small amount of needle-turn applique for the handle of the fancy teacup. You could use machine applique for this but it’s such a small amount that it will take no time to do by hand. Just remember to snip your inner curves in the seam allowance before you turn under.

There’s a little more curved piecing for the large teapot, but you’ll be so good at this after the teapot from last week that I’m sure it’ll be no bother at all 😉

This block is very similar to the round teapot with the exact same handle.  As before I would recommend having a go at the curve piecing on some scrap fabric prior to using your precious fabric.

As you’ll all be aware now, every month I feature photographs of relevant items that helped inspire the patchwork.  Most months I’ve been able to provide all or most of the items from my own cupboards. However I found I was sorely lacking in teacups!

So my lovely colleague Jane came to the rescue with some beautiful pieces. I especially love these tiny pastel teacups with a different rose inside each.

This month’s Vintage Shop just happens to be the vintage version of my LQS – my Local Vintage Shop! In the wee town of Bo’Ness lives the Wee Vintage Shop. I’ve been driving past this cute shop on my way back from the swimming pool for a while now and was very pleased to have an excuse for a nose inside and a chat with the owner.

They mostly restore furniture but there were a few really interesting pieces like these fabulous, and surprisingly sturdy cake stands! I’ve never seen wine glasses used this way before!

I do hope you enjoy making your tea cups this month. As always if you have any questions please email me or comment here. But next week I’m away on holiday so it might take me a while to reply!

Next month we have the first of our guest bloggers, the wonderful Very Kerry Berry!

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  1. Hi, I’ve just found your vintage home BOM, could you please tell me what issue I need to start with? Thanks for your time. Ellie

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