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2017 in quilts

I just read the 2016 version of this post where I said I wanted to slow down my quilt production in the following year and have a little more time to spend with family and friends (and myself) . Well though I still managed to fill a 16 square mosaic, a lot of the quilts here are quite small or minis so I do think that I managed to make less quilts!

But did I have more spare time?  Hmmm… well maybe a little, though I still feel like I am on a hamster wheel as far as work is concerned.  But maybe that is just the modern way?

I’m also struck by how much more subdued my colour palette is this year (for me!). You can check out last year’s quilts here.

As in other years I have actually made quite a few more quilts than this but they are still to be revealed! I am really excited to show you these, and the first one is up in just a couple of weeks time. These ‘remainder’ quilts will end up in the 2018 post.

2018!!! How can we be here already?! I feel like we are already living in the future!

Happy New Year everyone!

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