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White Roses for Jo Cox – can you help?

Here’s a little call for help for all you knitters out there! Can you knit a white Rose for a special Jo Cox memorial in June?

Barbara, who works in our shop is helping her niece and the school she works at with this project. We will happily take roses dropped at the Edinburgh shop from local folks. Or send to direct to Barbara from wherever you are:

Barbara Keenan

41 Howden Hall Court
EH16 6UZ
Here is a bit of information about the white roses and why they need them. 

Friday 16th June, 2017 it will be exactly one year since the MP, Jo
Cox, was tragically murdered in Birstall, West Yorkshire. The schools
(23 primary and secondary schools) in the local area are working
together on a project to raise the awareness of all young people about
tolerance, equality, diversity, respect and community cohesion. 

school children are keen to continue the legacy of Jo Cox’s work around
developing the community to be a stronger place, where people are
united and work together to bring about long term, sustainable
improvements in terms of employment, education, life skills and much
more. Jo Cox had several projects underway about bringing the community
together, tackling loneliness and supporting people in the community who
may feel isolated as well as people who have mental health issues etc. 

schools believe in the values of equality, respect and celebrating
diversity. Our ethos is all about Achieve, Believe and you will Succeed.
If children believe they can be a better people and bring about
positive change, then we are half way there in building a better
community and a brighter future both locally and nationally. 

learning community at Upper Batley High School celebrates diversity and
works hard to tackle stereotypes around gender, cultural matters and
ethnicity. Jo Cox worked closely with our school and she was an
inspirational woman who really valued education. Our boys are passionate
about continuing her work within our community. Jo believed in a better
world and she fought for it every day. She believed in equality,
tolerance and humanity, and that people should work together to create
safe and cohesive communities to provide a better future for ourselves
and our children. Our boys are continuing her legacy and are involved in
a number of projects ranging from environmental matters, feeding
families from poorer backgrounds, supporting hearing and visually
impaired children in India to working on local mental health projects
such as the Dementia Friends. A key focus of our work in schools has to
be tackling the poverty of aspiration and raising the hopes, ambitions
and aspirations of our young people. They can be whatever they want to
be if they set their mind to it and work hard enough to achieve it. Why

are many different projects taking place this summer  and this school’s
project starts on 16th June with a PSHCE (Personal Social health &
Citizenship) project that runs for 2 weeks in all schools and will
culminate in a celebration event on Thursday 29th June where 1000
children, together with volunteers, will walk together through the town.
The walk goes to a stadium where the children take part in a range of
drama, art and sports activities to all work together around the key
principles. It is for this walk that we are hoping to have 100 white
roses for the children and staff to wear.  The white rose symbolizes
Yorkshire and Jo Cox. We are hoping to be able to re use the roses every
year that the event takes place. 

community is resilient and will come back stronger, better, more
positive and more united following the atrocities of last June, and
exciting projects such as this will play a key part in building a better
future for Batley and Birstall. This is an exciting opportunity to
showcase the talent, creativity and positivity we have in this area.”

What a wonderful initiative! I have made one white rose – can you make one too?!
If you need a pattern then here is a link to one. And here is a link to a crochet pattern on Attic 24. Please make sure you include the green leaves so it looks like a corsage – thanks!
Thanks everyone!


  1. Hi, this is a lovely way to honour Jo. I'll happily knit a rose or two. Would you like the roses to be from the pattern you shared or can they vary? And do they need a stalk? I'm thinking ahead to how the students will attach the roses. Thanks.

    1. I am sure crochet roses will be very welcome (and most people won't know the difference anyway!) they should have leaves as well though as in the knitting pattern – thank you!

  2. have downloaded the pattern but not much of a knitter but will have a go. Our local Leeds MQG have made some quilts for the family, think they are in the process of being quilted now

  3. Hi @mybearpaw – are these still needed? As they only wanted 100, I did message the school a couple of weeks ago and ask if they still wanted some, but haven't yet had a reply. Some of my ladies have done some, but no point in sending them off if they will be surplus to requirements – we will find someone else who wants them

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