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Improv Jugs Quilt

I have a new quilt to share! 
I have to admit that it is the end of March and I have not yet made a quilt this year! I don’t know what the hell I have been doing – I don’t seem to have stopped working – but it is not quilt making!

But I made this quilt last November for issue 46 of Love Patchwork and Quilting, and I was delighted to see it included on the cover in the inset photo ๐Ÿ™‚
The starting point for this quilt was this gorgeous bundle of fabric from Dashwood Studio that arrived last Autumn. This is Paper Meadow by Jilly P mixed in with coordinating Twist shades. 
Also I decided I hadn’t completely finished with the jugs motif after my Crockery Cupboard Quilt. 
The jugs in that quilt had all been the same size but I realised that I could have a little play around with the shape and make improv versions.
I do love making these little improv squares, it’s just pure fun for me. Then I just added spouts and handles. The quilt features easy handles and more challenging handles!
I quilted it with this spiral flower pattern that I had used previously on a Granny Square quilt. It’s such a fun pattern that I could happily use it on every quilt I make! And of course I used Aurifil 50wt thread throughout, with a pale aqua shade for the quilting. 
In case anyone is wondering I do all my quilting using my trusty Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.0 domestic machine. Here’s an FMQ action shot… 
It is always hard photographing quilts in the winter, but I did manage to get a reasonably bright day to take the one below. 

I absolute love this styled photo of the quilt above a breakfast bar that’s in the magazine. My mum had those vegetable pyrex dishes and seeing them in the photo made me feel really nostalgic for my childhood.

Who else had those pyrex dishes back in the 70’s? I bet I am not the only one!!


  1. i don't usually like really dense machine quilting as a whole, but you did an adorable job quilting the cheery flowers design on this quilt; it goes so perfectly with the jugs.

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