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Farmer’s Wife 1930s QAL – Peony

When I picked the blocks I wanted to do for my guest posts in Kerry’s QAL I wasn’t really looking at the designs in the book, I was just picking nice words and the flowers I liked. 
So a few weeks ago when I saw that another post was coming up, I just thought ‘oh Peony, how lovely’. Then I printed out the pattern templates, grabbed some fabric and my sewing kit and packed them for my holiday in Jersey (I just got back this weekend).
I was in Jersey teaching a workshop for the local Modern Quilt Guild and also having a joint 50th birthday celebration with my best friend (we had a lovely time). Half way through the week I decided to do some sewing only to discover I hadn’t picked up the pattern print outs from my desk! So I rested my hand some more.
I haven’t been doing much hand work lately due to an inflamed knuckle. But thanks to an amazing osteopath and a lot of rest it is much improved.

I started work on Peony on Friday and straight away realised that this was going to be very tricky! Not just because of all the tiny pieces but also that overlapping centre.

I usually colour in my block diagram when I plan the fabric, but this time I added colour to each paper template before I cut them out otherwise I knew I would get very confused!

It did take quite a while just to prepare all the pieces, and then I had to unpick my sewing on a few different occasions due to silly mistakes.

But I think EPP was definitely the way to go with this block, I think this would be very difficult to piece any other way even FPP! I don’t fancy trying to piece that centre square with Y-seams, but I am sure Kerry will make a lovely job of it 🙂

I am very pleased with it now it’s finished and it does look a bit like a peony. Of course I am hopelessly behind with this QAL due to my hand trouble so I am thinking I might be aiming for a cot quilt now!

How are you getting on? Still making your blocks? Have you been keeping up?!

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