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Summer Garland Applique

I’ve been a bit busy over the last week getting ready for a weekend of celebration for my 50th birthday (which is actually tomorrow). I had a fab time at my party on Saturday with lots of family and friends coming to visit and general merriment (and of course Karaoke!!)!
The weather was also amazing! I was very lucky, as Scotland in June can be very hit and miss.
We have been outside in the sunshine practically the whole time and I managed to get a few photos of my Summer Garland Applique cushion. This is the second in a series of four seasonal patterns for Today’s Quilter.

The pattern is in the latest issue (12). Here it is alongside the Spring version, and photographed outside my husband’s Tiny House which is nearly finished!

This was the star of the show at my birthday party, with Jonathan doing guided tours all night! You can read more about the Tiny House here, and I promise to share more photos when it is finished (just the bathroom to go now!), but for now here it is complete with deck…
…and here’s a sneaky peek inside where the Spring cushion lives permanently.

I am currently enjoying a few days off (with my husband planning a surprise day out for us tomorrow) and embracing my next half century!

Next up on my to do list – the Autumn Garland applique!!


  1. have a wonderful birthday long time since I was 50! Beautiful applique pillows. Amazed at the Tiny house have been to the link and checked it all out what a very talented couple you are . You would certainly not be able to hoard in a tiny house

  2. Happy, HAPPY birthday! You know the tradition? From aged 50 on, you get to celebrate all MONTH instead of all day! BTW, I love both pillows. The blue one says Spring in a big way!

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