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African Flower Crochet Blanket FINISHED!

YES! As it approaches the sixth anniversary since I started it, I am delighted to tell you that the African Flower Crochet Blanket is now officially finished!! 
And just in time for summer! Though as this is Scottish summer that sentence is not as ironic as it sounds!

I started this way back when, not only was this blog very young, but so were my crochet skills. This pattern was all over Flickr back in the day and I learnt how to do it on a photo tutorial there. Apparently it is a very old pattern from a magazine back in the Seventies, but also maybe from before that (there is some dispute) and there are also quite a few versions.

My first post was in June 2010. 
I continued to work on it here and there for the next 4 or 5 years, using any wool I could get my hands on (as long as it was proper wool and not acrylic) until it was really pretty big (and heavy!). 
By this time I had started teaching this motif as part of my Crochet with Confidence workshop (there’s one of these on Saturday – and still places left!) and so kept making more and more African Flowers.

So some of them got turned into bags and cushions, I even did a pattern for one of the bags in a magazine, one of my first published patterns!

I actually finished all the crocheting last year. I inserted half African Flowers in two of the sides and filled the the other two sides with the purple border, then after another couple of rounds of trebles I finished with a round of crab stitch.

All that was left was to thread in all the ends left by the ‘joining-as-you-go’ method. I am scrupulous about crocheting my ends in as I work but this method means there is always one tail per hexagon left.

I had a feeble attempt at this and managed a small corner but it was so boring that I soon found something better to do!

I started using the blanket anyway as if it were finished and just tried to ignore the rogue ends. And then my lovely sister Jane came to visit at the end of March and after hearing my predicament, and having not brought much handwork with her, she offered to do the tail-threading for me. Thank you Jane!!

Jane made quick work of it and it was finished after a couple of evenings.

All that remained was the photography so I could finally show it off. I actually managed this a month ago and am just now getting round to posting – phew!!

I do hope the crochet lovers amongst you have enjoyed the pics of the beautiful blanket. I am still quite in love with it and the way it looks like millefiori glass.  It is really very special to me and I will treasure it forever.


  1. Wow! It's just gorgeous! I always have such a hard time with color — I've been looking at your pictures and you have so many colors — and they all play so well together! What a wonderful finish!!!

  2. Stunning – so worth the time it took! Your sister is a star – I wonder how long you would have been using it until the ends were done?!! Like you I crochet my ends in as I work because there's no way I could sit and do a whole blanket at the end!

  3. Hi Julie, try googling African Flower Crochet tutorial and I think you will find something that you can follow – I bet there are a lot of patterns for it on Ravelry! One day I will get something posted on here 🙂

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