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Farmer’s Wife 1930s QAL – Martha!

Hello all you Farmer’s Wifers!!

First of all I hope you have been doing better than me at making your Farmer’s Wife 1930s blocks. I have managed to make the huge total of two since I last guest posted for the QAL! *hangs head in shame*

So this is Martha. And here she is on point too…

I think I like her better square, but then I seem to like them all better that way. Martha was a nice easy one, I made her last week when my sister was visiting me. Now my sister is doing really well and has made so many that she is ahead of the QAL!! But then she is retired…

And as to the rest of my paltry offering, here is Eva.

I have decided I like the ones with lots of little squares better than the ones with lots of little triangles. So expect to see more of those as I am totally picking and choosing from the ones I have missed now!! Therefore I like Eva a lot.

As with all my blocks these two were EPP’d using the method I detailed in this post.

I have a bit of RSI on my right knuckle at the moment so I am trying to ration my handwork somewhat (hooray! I’ve remembered an excuse!), and I really want to keep that hand sewn purity with each block. Plus I know this sounds counter intuitive but I think these tiny blocks will just be too fiddly for me to machine sew!

So I will continue plodding on at my own pace and something will come of it one day. 
And look – I now have 25 blocks!! I love how they look together! I actually have 26 but I’m not keen on one of them and another one would spoil the square photo!
How are you doing? Still going? Managing to keep up better than me? Racing ahead like my sis??
I’d love to hear your FW updates!


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