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Spring Garland Applique

After my slightly moany post last time and less than enthusiastic quilt unveiling (thanks so much to everyone who told me they liked it!) here is another magazine commission that I TRULY LOVE!

I am doing a series of four seasonal applique cushions for Today’s Quilter, starting with Spring which is in issue 7 (out now!).

I love needle-turn applique and I love flowers and leaves so this is my dream project!

For Spring I included, snowdrops, primroses and narcissus in lovely spring colours on an Essex Linen background (in an aqua blue). Soon I will be starting the Summer design – I can’t wait!

I may even make each panel again as a Seasons Wall Hanging, complete with leafy border if I have the time and my hands are up to it. I love ‘slow sewing’ but my wrists don’t!


  1. Can't wait to get a copy. I recently decided that this is now my favourite quilting magazine and must get a subscription. I am quite fond of appliqué too. I really like this on aqua, bright and happy for spring. x

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