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Scraptastic Tuesday – the first time!

For ages now I’ve been meaning to post about and link up with Scraptastic Tuesday, hosted by the wonderful Nicky and Leanne, but I’ve never been able to get my act together. If I am using scraps I forget all about it and if I remember it then I have nothing scrappy to show!
But last week I started working on my Blueberry Park Mini Quilt Swap piece. This is an Instagram swap hosted by Nina. I have a lot of scraps of Karen’s screen printed fabric left over from the Buffer Wheel quilt I made last year. Karen printed these up specially for this quilt so I think some of them are quite unique and may be appreciated by my Karen Lewis loving partner.
So I started having a good old play around with them and ended up with these improv curve blocks. 
I made these four (above), but when I put them together (on my lovely design wall!) I thought that the bottom left looked a little out of place (with it’s thicker circle). So I made another one, below…

But when I put them all together I realised that it was the top left pink and orange block that now looked out of place. So with a little jiggery pokery on the other block, I swapped them back around and I think I made it work (check top photo to see if you agree with my final decision!). 
I then sashed in that lovely charcoal crosshatch from Carolyn Friedlander. There was a lot of very helpful feedback and advice via the IG crowd while I was working on these and sharing my progress .

And then on Friday I found myself using scraps again! I was prepping for my Buffer Wheel workshop which was on Sunday and the first one of these I had taught. In my head it was very straight forward and I had the pattern notes written and everything. Still I thought I better just try it out as a refresher.

So I ‘decided’ to change around the background and colour wedges to make it look a bit different (yes that’s right, I did decide this and in no way did I totally forget the pattern and mistakenly make it this way!). Anyway it’s a good job I tried it out so I could show the class how to do it the right way as you can see below. Lot’s of Blueberry Park on show here and some very clever students.

Meanwhile I quite like this rising sun half block and think I will leave it like this (otherwise I will have to make ANOTHER cushion!!).

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    1. Thanks for sending this Rod, I can totally see the resemblance! The pattern was for a quilt in issue 24 of Love Patchwork and Quilting. I think you can still buy a digital copy of the magazine, check out their website

  1. Love the mini quilt! I think you definitely made the right decision on which blocks to use. With the final 4 blocks the colors are more harmonious than when the pink and orange one was in there. Although I do like the pink and orange block — maybe for another project!

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