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Scrappy Wheel Cushion

A few weeks back I posted about using up my workshop samples and showed you a piece made from 4 fan blocks left over from my Modern Sampler Course.

Well I finished the hand quilting and made it into a cushion – yes a cushion! I ended up giving a lot of spare cushions to my son and his girlfriend when they set up home together earlier this year and now I feel that I don’t have enough!

What I love about this project (apart from it being made from pretty fabric!) is that it is almost totally made from scraps! The blocks were mainly sewn from scraps and as spare blocks are now officially scraps. The back is fabric left over from my Dala Horse and the binding is made with trimmings from a recent quilt back. The only new fabric is the Pam Kitty Morning border.

Somehow the roundness of the wheel got a little, er, wonky… I’m not really sure what happened, some sort of cutting error, but I’ve decided it adds to the scrappy quirkiness of it all!

And then to add to the general air of imperfection, once I started quilting I discovered this small tear in the fabric! It was too late to do anything but ignore it.

Once I’d finished the quilting I added this little felt flower to cover the wound.

The whole thing has a vintage, homely look and a sort of ‘lived in’ feel that makes me think I’ve already had it for ever!


    1. Very nice cushion, I too made a wheels cushion mine was last year for the tour de France that started here in Leeds. Unfortunately made mine fully circular but it did not keep its shape, keep looking and thinking must do something to correct it but not sure what! Only way I can coment is to use the reply box as the comment box appears then vanishes

  1. I love the scrappy look, using up every tiny goodness of fabric is a very happy making situation, if you know what I mean. The hand quilting sets it all of perfectly. x

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