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Patchwork knitting bag and needle roll

It’s been a few months since I had any projects featured in Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine so I am excited to share my patchwork knitting bag and needle roll with you!
Issue 22 is out now and my bag even made the cover inset shot!

The snowball pattern is meant to resemble balls of wool. You can also play ‘spot the difference’ between the bag in the photo below and the one in the magazine.
Yes that’s right – different coloured handles. The magazine painted the wooden handles before photography, and they look much nicer now. I took these photos before I sent the bag off.

I also designed a needle roll to go with it. This was more of a challenge than the bag, but I tried to make it really practical.

The button closure means it’s expandable without using ribbon ties, which I find look a bit frayed and scrappy after a while.

The flap at the top keeps all the needles safely in the roll. There are 2 sets of pockets, the shorter ones are for DPN’s, circular, cables and even crochet hooks.

The little pouch is detachable and stores your row counters, stitch markers, etc. The pouch was the hardest bit as I wanted it to be fully lined (I have a morbid fear of raw edges!).

I had a little trouble designing the knitting bag too as the original one I made turned out rather large. I like to carry around a fair amount of crochet blanket in my knitting bag so it looked good to me. 
But after a few derisory comments from members of my family I thought I better just check with Jen, the editor, that it was okay before attaching the handles.
Jen sent me back an email that included the immortal line “most designers have a ‘giant knitting bag’ type moment, but at least you’ll get use out of yours!”.
So I made a smaller one…
Here are mummy and baby bags re-united at last, and you can see here how truly gigantic the original bag was – what was I thinking!? I finished it off with a pair of bone hoop handles I have been wanting to use for ages, so it all worked out.

And large bag has been invaluable for carrying around all the wool I need for my Sophie’s Universe CAL 2015. I’ll be posting an update on this amazing crochet project soon!


  1. I do not usually buy this magazine but think I must this month! I can never have too many bags.I also have the handles hoarded away somewhere Knitting needle roll good too, I made one for my pens and love it

  2. Matching accessories are a great idea. I have a knitting friend who has a special birthday this year and these will be a perfect present. x

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