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Granny Blanket QAYG Quilt

Here is my newest project for Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine!

Some of you may be surprised at the simple, sparse look of this quilt, as usually my quilts are a little ‘fancier’. But read on and you will find out why I wanted to make it so much.

Issue 23 is now available and has the usual mix of amazing quilts and projects plus a really useful set of Dresden Plate templates and booklet that I know I will be using soon!

The cover quilt by Michelle Wilkie is just stunning, and new quilts by Lynne and Karen are also providing fabulous eye-candy for me.

I just love how they styled my quilt! I really want those green drawers!

I had the idea for this quilt a long time ago. A few years back I designed a Christmas stocking with quilt-as-you-go Log Cabin blocks that you sew together. As anyone who has tried QAYG before will know it is the sewing together of the backing that causes the issues. For the stocking it wasn’t a problem as the whole thing is lined.
But it got me thinking – what if you started off with a huge piece of wadding and backing and then just kept going with your Log Cabin, going round and round until you filled up the whole piece? That would mean no sewing together at the end, just trim and bind!

It took me until recently to have the courage to try this out (potentially expensive waste of fabric and wadding) but it actually worked! And I was able to get the quilt much larger than I though at 59 inches square!

Of course as soon as I put a quilt on our bed to photograph it someone jumps on top! Hello Hector!

I actually practiced first on this cushion (which I made for the magazine project too but they ran out of space for).

Both the cushion and the quilt are backed with a lovely Kaufman flannel for extra cosiness.

The other inspiration for this quilt is my love for vintage crocheted Granny Afghans.

I had an elderly relative who made these for our very extended family and it is hard to find a family snapshot which doesn’t feature one of these somewhere in the background!

I started making my own a few years back, here’s a photo of my ‘Budget Granny’. It’s got a few more rounds on it now and is one of my many crochet UFO’s (I usually always finish quilts before I start a new one but am never as disciplined with crochet!).

I also now know how to fix that wonkiness!
Added later after a few enquiries – the trick is to start each round in a different corner! So obvious when you think about it!

Anyway you can hopefully now see the similarity and the look I was trying to achieve with the quilts,

It was also nice to get a chance to marry my two crafty passions!

This quilt is now on it’s way to Siblings Together for this year’s summer camps. It is the 107th quilt donated! Well done to Mary and everyone else for organising and contributing to this year’s quit drive. You can view all the quilts on the group page on Flickr. I have a large amount of Economy Blocks (from our EMQG Bee) that will go towards a future quilt for ST but I won’t get it finished in time for this year.

And might I suggest that this QAYG quilt would make an excellent Sibling’s Together project for anyone wanting to contribute in future years?
You can actually get this finished in a day! Plus it is a great scrap buster, especially for left over Jelly Roll strips!


  1. Lovely. Reminds me of the granny square crochet blankets that my Nan crocheted when she was alive. She often made the large square from wool that she was given to make blankets "for the old dears" who were often younger than she was! Fond memories, the title made me think of her.

  2. This is stunning and also a challenge I may attempt on the cushion scale too. I have a few UFO's on the go though so it will have to wait I think! Love your blog 😀

    1. Thank you Katie, that is very sweet of you! Did you know you are a 'no-reply commentor' usually I would reply to comments with a personal email but can't to you. Please attach your email to your commenting account and then you will find lots of bloggers wanting to chat with you after you leave comments!

  3. This quilt is absolutely SINGING to me… in so many ways! I love that you have combined a quilt with the look of an afghan, as quilting and crochet are two of my favorite things! I can't wait to get my copy of the magazine! I am absolutely going to make this! I am also SO excited to see that you are in Edinburgh! I had the great pleasure of visiting your incredibly beautiful city last month!! I live in the U.S., and my husband and I took a 2 week tour of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. It was our dream trip, and we had an amazing time! Our day in Edinburgh was definitely one of our favorites…. we still can't over how gorgeous it was! I wish I had known about your shop then. I would've loved to have purchased some yarn from you! Thanks so much for all the inspiration you provide me!

  4. I'm wondering what you are doing to correct the wonkiness of your crochet granny square. I haven't a clue why it happens to me (and not to others!), but happen it does. I found a solution which is to crochet one row on the "front", and to turn my work and crochet the next row on the "back, and you end up with a piece which doesn't have a right side and a wrong side, and is therefore totally reversible. Looking at your work, though, this doesn't seem to have been your solution, and I'm wondering what you do?

  5. Both are very pretty – the quilt and the granny blanket and would look perfect together on the sofa! Would you tell me how you get rid of the wonkiness of your crochet granny blanket? My grannies are always completly wonky which distressses me very much! Such a pity!

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