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QuiltCon Prep with The Makers!

So I think you all know by now that I AM GOING TO QUILTCON!!!

This is probably one of the most exciting things I have ever done (is that a bit sad?!) and I am on my way to Austin TOMORROW!!

I have a lot of workshops booked and have to take a large amount of fabric and supplies so I decided to make a couple of bags to help with transportation and organisation.

This coincided with the new Cori Dantini fabric arriving at the shop, which is just perfect for this project. The Makers is all about, sewing, embroidering and knitting as well as gorgeous prints, and is the latest line from Blend Fabrics by one of my favourite fabric designers.

First I made this large Workshop Bag. In a free and easy manner I cut up strips and used these to frame the beautiful panels. I made 2 bag front and quilted them with a daigonal grid. Plus I made that nifty inset zip pocket for cutters and scissors.

I made the bag big enough to take an 18 x 24 inch cutting mat, it sits snuggly against one side with a strap that buttons on the outside to hold it (and big square rulers) in place. Long rulers can sit at the bottom for extra stability.

Then you can fill up the bag with your fabric! It’s lined with one of Cori’s fabrics from Hello World.

I then made a tote bag for carrying around when I am not attending workshops, and for keeping purse, phone, magazines etc in.

On one side are more of the crafty lady panels, and the other side is made from an old pair of jeans. Why denim, I hear you ask? Well I will be partaking in the QuiltCon Pin Swap which means I will be obtaining a lot of pins (or badges as we like to call them in the UK) and somehow denim seems to me the most appropriate material to display these on!

Inside the bag is a little pocket for my new business cards and a special ‘pin pocket’ so that I always have a pin ready for swapping at all times!

I took me a while to work out what the ‘pin swap’ was all about. When I eventually cottoned on to the fact that folks were having their own badges printed to swap at the event I knew I had to join in!

So I ordered 200 myBearpaw badges!! It just sounds like such a great way to meet as many new quilty friends as possible. So when I get back I hope to show you a totally full up denim bag side!

Here are my new business cards – myBearpaw one side and the Stitch Gathering the other.

And last but not least a matching lanyard for my official QuiltCon badge! I’ve just remembered that you are supposed to display a badge on your lanyard so folks know you are part of the pin swap! Better go and do that!

If you like the look of my QuiltCon accessories then you can make your own ‘Makers’ bags!
We have 10 designs in the new line for sale in our Edinburgh store and on our website (fat quarters and yardage) plus this FQ or F1/8th bundle. Check them out here.

So I will see you on the other side with tales of my trip to Austin, unless you are going to QuiltCon too in which case I will see you there!!!!


  1. This is so cool, Jo! All your prep for QuiltCon are awesome! Like the idea of using denim for diplaying other quilters' badges.
    Enjoy your time in Austin and keem IG-ing the pics! x

  2. Oh my Jo your bags are great and just how big is that first bag – it's enormous to fit that cutting mat, I'd be struggling to lift it once I'd filled it with fabric too!!! Have the best time – Chris 😀

  3. Love that bag, It will be so handy to have everything packed in the one place, but glad you have a separate tote for you phone and purse, if it was me I would never find them in the big bag. Have a great time x

  4. always late to the party!!! THIS BAG IS FANTASTIC!!! i always love to see what you make with the fabric i create… i can only take it so far, and YOU makers are what truly bring it to life. thank you thank you THANK YOU! (from the bottom of my humble heart!)

    1. Thank you Cori! And very happy that you make your way here at all so don't worry about being late! I was just hearing about your new fabric from one of my colleagues yesterday, very excited to see it as always! xx

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