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Giveaway results and lovely gifts for me!

First of all let’s get those results out the way! The winner of the Stitch Gathering Goody Bag is number 86!
Congratulations Gill!! I will email you privately to get your address πŸ™‚

Commiserations to everyone else, but to make up for your loss let’s look at some pretty things.

I wanted to highlight the bag made for me in the Stitch Gathering ticket Tote Swap.
This bag was made for my by Nikki who was one of my first students when I started my classes 3 years ago. Nikki signed up for 3 classes straight away ‘basic sewing machine skills’, ‘basic hand sewing’, and ‘learn to crochet’. In other words she was a complete novice about everything!

But Nikki was a natural and was very soon making beautiful quilts and so much more.
I love how personal she made this bag for me. She’s transformed the SG logo above (by very cleverly shrinking and printing it!) into a version of our myBearpaw logo, but with extra elements from one of my embroideries in the centre.

The last class Nikki took with me was Dresden Plate and you can see how well she did by this beautiful mini Dresden which frames some lovely vintage linen. Nikki knows I love vintage embroidery, she was one of my best customers when I used to make Vintage Linen Notebook Covers and sell them in the shop a few years back.

And then there’s the beautiful embroidery on the back with those lovely words which I like to think Nikki was aiming at me πŸ™‚
I am so delighted with this bag as I know how much work and thought Nikki put in to it, and I am also a very proud teacher.

And then I received another wonderful handmade gift from one of my students!
Elaine took Sheila’s Mega Pinnie class at the Stitch Gathering and obviously loved making them so much that she made one for me! And one for my colleague Barbara who was a helper on the day!!

Did you see how amazing the wrapping was? And she used Essex Yarn-dyed and then stitched over it to get that checkered effect – genius!!
I absolutely love the fabric she used and the super cute flower pincushion on the top.

This totally made my day when Elaine gave it to me at a crochet workshop yesterday.
Thank you Elaine! I LOVE being a teacher!!!


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