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Disappearing Diamonds


I made these cushion covers for the latest issue of Love Patchwork and Quilting, which is out today…

This issue is all about colour so I was playing around with a 2-tone effect. A bit out of my confort zone really (why use 2 colours when you can use 20?!) and I have to say that this project was a bit of a ‘diificult birth’. But in the end I do like them and think the technique used is an interesting idea.

It’s appliqued EPP diamonds over a randomly (or as random as you can get when you have to explain how to do it!) pieced background.

The idea was to use a bright plus a neutral and then reverse this for the second cushion. The neutrals were from Botanics by Carolyn Friedlander and the brights were from Maisie by Maude Asbury for Blend (a line I have been using a lot this summer).

The bottom cushion is really a lovely coral colour called ‘watermelon’ but it looks more orange in the photos. Also I think the effect is better from a distance!

But here’s a close-up anyway 😉
As usual this issue is a fantastic line-up of loveliness. I am especially in love with Julianna’s rainbow cushion on the cover there – absolutely stunning!


  1. I love these cushions! I was eyeing up the magazine in Smith's this morning as I was wondering about making the rabbits for a friend's daughters' birthday but, with only eight weeks until they turn two, I decided I wouldn't get two made in time…I may yet change my mind!

  2. They look great Jo!
    Random can be so hard to achieve with the pace of hand stitching. These really do look good and the details and abstractedness do sustain the interest.

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