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Edinburgh Modern Quilt Guild

I’ve been meaning to post about this for ages. The Edinburgh Modern Quilt Guild is now well and truly established!
That’s us above at meeting number 3, the first in my new studio, during our tea break (with cake of course!). We’ve had number 4 since then and have quite a few projects on the go already.

There are 18 of us. The picture above was taken with Tatyana’s very clever phone that does panoramic shots. However my legs aren’t 6 feet long and Tatyana only has one face! But you get the idea.
This was our second meeting in the pub (while I was between shops).
We are sticking at 18 for the moment as that is all I can fit around my table and we don’t want to look for new premises. Also we’ve all bonded so well that we are going to be a little cruel and not let anyone else join!
 However if anyone wants to start their own MQG and would like any advice please email me.

We have 2 separate bees already started. The group I am in are the Layer Cakes and the other group are the Jelly Rolls. Anne and I started things off at meeting 3, I asked my group to make Granny Square blocks and Anne asked her’s to make House blocks. She was super organised and wrote her own pattern!
These are all the blocks she got back last month

And these are the Granny Square blocks I got back, still to be trimmed, aren’t they lovely?!

We are also working on a group quilt made from some donated blocks that made their way to me through a very circuitous route! We will give this to charity once finished.
And we have our own blog!
You can take a look here. If it is your month in the Bee than you can post about your chosen block, yourself and your favourite quilt. This seems to be a great way to get to know everyone (and learn each other’s names!).
I am really enjoying being in this group and am pretty sure all the other members are too.
Yay for Modern Quilt Guilds!

One more thing, have you heard about the Handmade Fair at Hampton Court Palace? This is a new event involving Kirstie Allsop and Molly Makes. They have a huge roster of guests, including Kaffe Fassett, Brandon Mably, Cath Kidston and Stuart Hillard. As well as Kirstie herself of course! Tickets went on sale earlier this month and you can buy your’s and learn more about the event here.


  1. I love the house blocks, it would make a fun baby quilt. It must be lovely too get together with like minded sewers and have fun. x

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