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Big Changes at my Shop!

If I have seemed a little distracted and not especially productive recently here’s the reason why…

Those of you who’ve visited our Edinburgh store recently will have noticed that things are changing. We have been selling off all our homewares and gifts stock and concentrating solely on our myBearpaw brand of craft classes, fabric, wool and haberdashery. And now we are moving too! The old premises are too big for us now and not entirely suitable to our new needs.

Don’t worry we’re not moving far, but as final details haven’t been confirmed yet you will have to wait a little longer to find out exactly where. We hope you can all be patient while we finish our transformation!
Hopefully we will be ready to open again at Easter or just after.
Meanwhile our last trading day is this Saturday 29th March, and we still have a few last minute bargains to snap up, including lots of old Jonathan Avery shelf units and islands that would love a good home and are now as little as £25 each!
There’s also still time to stock up on fabric and wool before we need to pack it up for a while.
Our website will keep running throughout so please feel free to order online whilst the shop is closed, and our new term of craft classes will be ready to book in April.
A big thank you to all our lovely Homestore customers who’ve stuck with us over the last 11 years in Morningside, we do hope you’ll follow us on to our next adventure!
So it’s goodbye Avery Homestore and hello myBearpaw from next week!!
Apologies for the copy and pasted info (from our newsletter) but I wanted to make sure I reached as many people as possible with news of our last day trading, and it’s been too long a day to re-write it for the blog!


  1. Such a big change! Can't wait to see your new and improved premises!! Good luck with everything, and hope you find a few days to rest a little between all the packing!

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