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Botch Handle Cushion

This week a friend had a special birthday (a number I am heading for in just a few years too!) so I made her this cushion out of gorgeous Dashwood fabric. I just love those foxes.

This is the Botch Handle block for my Modern Sampler Quilt which I finally finished a few weeks back. I am teaching this class again at the moment and as this is quite a challenging block I really had to make one along with the class, but I made it with this cushion (and the recipient) in mind.

I even used a zip and made piping! Shame I couldn’t get that toadstool fabric up the right way though!
And some pretty hand quilting finished it off. I just can’t make a cushion without some perle cotton hand quilting.

This is the second time I have taught this class. The first time I made a block along with each class, which means I have enough blocks for a whole new quilt!
Here is Botch Handle number too, featuring some Essex yarn-dyed in black.

Here is the needle-turn applique block, but this time with added yo-yos. 

Here are the ‘pluses’ or ‘chunky crosses’. What does everyone else call this block?

A couple of fans and a couple of baskets. I had just finished my ‘Polka Around the World’ quilt when I made these so I used up some scraps for the baskets.

More polka dots (I was on a roll!) for this Pineapple Log Cabin. The quilt also contains some Japanese + and x blocks, but these are going in to my Together Circle quilt (very soon!). And a ‘Dresden Village’ but I showed you that block already here.

So as you can see, I already have another quilt to finish here. Therefore I am trying to avoid building up a whole new set of blocks with this current class by turning them into cushions and such like.
Or maybe I should wait, teach this class another 6 times, and then have enough blocks for 8 different types of quilt!


  1. I am a real cushion fan as you can try sonething out without committing to a making a quilt. You will have cushions for all your friends by the time that your course is finished. They all will be beautiful. Di x

  2. I love cushions and a girl can never have too many. You could always make the extra blocks up into cushion covers then put them away in a present drawer for Christmas and birthdays, that way you are ahead on Christmas and never caught without a birthday present, or a get well present, or a just because present. I particularly like the needle turn block with suffolk puffs.

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