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Mini Improv Quilt

I’ve been a bit busy with classes and quilt shows recently and have a number of projects on the go but none at the right stage to share with you here yet.

But I did manage to finish the Improv Mini that I started in Lu Summer’s Class at Fat Quarterly Retreat this summer. I finished the top in the class, using Kona solids and assorted scraps.

Yes, I know, that’s a lot of hand quilting. It almost looks like it’s been done by a crazy person…

…Oh wait a minute, it has been done by a crazy person – me!! Do you think compulsive hand quilting is a recognised condition? Maybe I should be getting some help…

Here’s the back. I like to make bigger front stitches than back stitches (I’m a rebel!). It makes for a dimpled texture on the back which I like.

I used Kona Charcoal for the binding and the finished size is 15 inches squared.
I’ve got this hanging in the craft studio now – scaring all my students!


  1. Lovely, I love all the hand quilting, it has really finished the quilt to perfection, sometimes you get on a roll and just want to keep quilting and quilting and it is hard to stop ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks Penny
      I'm thinking my students might think that I am expecting them to do that much quilting on their first quilt! Which would be a bit scary for them.
      Jo x

  2. You're not crazy, just …. very passionate and enthusiastic about what you create, and that is to be treasured! I have a good friend who hand quilts like you and the results are just wonderful, like yours are. Loved your blog. xCathy

  3. Hey Jo! This is so wonderful! it makes my fingers itch and I will have to try something alike. It is soooooo fabulous and such fun to look at! Thanks for sharing and greetings from Claudia in Germany!

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