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Busy doing nothing

I seem to be always busy but not getting much done at the moment!
I think it’s down to a particularly heavy class schedule in May. I don’t really have anything finished to show you and not much prospect of it in the near future!

But I don’t want you all to forget about me and I miss our little chats if I’m away from the blog too long, so I thought you might like to see what I call my ‘procrastination craft’.
This is another wool-eater blanket, I made one of these before here. It is a pattern by the very talented Sarah London (a trip to her blog is always fantastic colour therapy) which you can download for free here.

I started this off last September as a demonstration piece for a crochet class. I did 7 rows, each in a different shade of Sublime Silk Cashmerino DK, and then stopped and thought about making it in to a cushion. I even chose the backing. But it just sat there. And then, in a moment of distraction, I picked it up, found the wool I had started with and crocheted another row. And then another row. And then another row.
This pattern is just so addictive! So now it’s going to be a blanket. I am going to add one more row each of the 7 colours and see if it looks big enough. That’s if I can afford to buy that much wool, it’s not called wool-eater for nothing!
The sublime wool is just so gorgeous to work with, really bouncy and has this silk sheen that almost glitters. The shades have really evocative names like Carrot, Caterpillar, Pineapple, and Pippin.

As my crafting becomes ever more associated with my business it can sometimes feel like a chore. So when there’s something I know I should be doing but I don’t really feel like it, I slope off and do some wool-eater instead. Hence ‘procrastination craft’.

One more little thing I have managed to produce this week. I’ve been doing some good old EPP hexies. I have a cunning plan for this flower and I hope to show you something finished very soon!


  1. Your wool eater blanket is gorgeous! I've had the pleasure of knitting with the Sublime yarn so I can imagine how beautiful your blanket feels. I'm intrigued about your cunning plan for that gorgeous rosette!

  2. Lovely, lovely blanket! The pattern is so pretty. Sometimes it does us good to work on exactly what we want to and not what we need to 🙂
    Cute hexies too.

  3. Man I wish you could teach me to crochet!:) At least more than just the single and double stitch that I have done forever!:)

    Hmmmm…I saw you made a nametag gallery….something happening soon?:)

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