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How I spent my Christmas Break…

 … I spent it mainly sock knitting! Yes as predicted by many readers, the sock knitting was very addictive and once I started I wanted to get those socks finished!  And I guess I did need a bit of a rest… so despite all my quilt-making plans, I spent a lot of time on the sofa, in front of the telly, with the wood burning stove on, knitting my socks – bliss!
As you can see, I managed the heel on the first sock. It all worked with the pattern and it fits me and feels lovely, but there’s something wrong with the heel. It doesn’t quite look like the photos. I must have done something wrong with the knit 1, slip 1, bit. I can’t work out what though! I will have to ask a grown-up. Anyway it’s still a knitted sock, made by me!

I did manage to start a new embroidery too (first one in many months!). Here is a sneak peek. This is probably the most geeky thing I have ever made. I wonder if anyone reading this knows what this design actually depicts?

And I tidied my sewing room!
This was the state of my fabric storage after a few months of frantic activity and no time to tidy (well that’s my excuse, in reality I am just very messy!).

And here is the result of a day’s sorting and folding. I wonder how long it will stay like this?

I also played around with a new crochet/patchwork mash-up project I have had in mind for a bit. But the results aren’t quite working out the way I imagined at the moment. I will keep trying and you might get to see something of this soon.
So lots of new ‘starts’ but no new ‘finishes’. I think it’s time for a Finish-a-Long!

she can quilt

This year I’m getting involved in the FAL. Leanne at She Can Quilt is hosting it and I am sponsoring a prize as well as taking part. It all starts on Jan 7th (tomorrow), so expect another post from me then *pant*. I’m packing the posts in at the moment because I go on holiday for a week on Jan 8th!
Meanwhile I did actually finish a Christmas break project…

 Yes the socks are all done and I LOVE them so much! They fit me perfectly!!

Expect a few more socks here in 2013!!


  1. Too funny…once again we are thinking the same! I have a year long project to start…crocheting stockings for my family to use at my parents as we are going Secret Santa mode this Christmas but to ease the shock for my mom I said I'd make huge stretchy stockings so she can still buy something for everyone!:)
    This will be a chore as I only know how to crochet in a straight line or go round and round….gotta figure out how to do a heel but figure it out I will! I know there are patterns but I don't know how to read them!;)

    Your socks are brilliant!

    Blackbirds sitting in a tree of Fall leaves…..hmmm…what would that mean?:)

  2. Loving the socks. (I have a pair on the go since April!) and the wool is perfect. I had to get help with heel last time.
    Congrats on fast delivery from shop (see that I mentioned this feat on blog).

  3. Your embroidery is for the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry? Change of season?I found your work on the fauna…..beautiful. I am going to be working on the Australian section ;-))

  4. I have knit many many socks in my time, and keep threatening to cast on a new pair. What is that yarn, it is lovely. And I am so glad you will be in the FAL too, thank you for being a sponsor.

  5. The socks look great and, as you discovered, were not as difficult as people imagine!

    I, too, am hosting a Linky party — 2013: The Year of the Finished Project. It's a little bit different in that it allows any form of stitching project, which is what i needed because I'm primarily a knitter who quilts and embroiders occasionally!

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