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Humpty Dumpty Amigurumi

I’ve been wanting to teach a class in amigurumi for a while. It’s very easy once you know how but would still make a fun class, and my crochet addicts love any excuse to sit in the craft room and crochet all day.
Amigurumi means ‘crochet or knitted soft toy’ in Japanese. Mainly they are crocheted with double crochet (single in USA) worked in the round. Crochet is such a perfect medium for creating 3 dimensional round shapes.

Nikki Trench has some great books full of amigurumi patterns like the one I used to make a Royal Wedding Kate and Wills the other year and this bunny. But I really wanted to have a go at making up my own.
I saw somebody selling cloth Humpty’s at the Country Living Fair and I thought hmmm…

So here’s my cute little Humpty Dumpty. He’s about 25cm high and very cuddly. He’s also made with Sublime Extra Fine Merino wool.
There is something very appealing about this little fella.
When I was a little girl my big sister (Hi Jane! *waves*) made one for my mum. It was just like the Humpty from Playschool and my Mum had it sitting on her bed for all my childhood and beyond.
I think they’re might just be a few more Humpty Dumpty’s in the pipeline soon….


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