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Ethel and Edmund

Meet my 2 new owl friends – Ethel and Edmund!

We just took delivery of a range of flannel (available now on our website) from Robert Kaufman and what better project to try them out on than a few more owls for my collection? That’s Ethel above…

…and this is Edmund, giving you a cheeky wink. My dad’s name is Edmund so this owl is named after him (not sure what he will make of that!).

These 2 have been made for a particular project which I will tell you more about in the New Year, when hopefully I will produce a pattern and a kit to sell.
Meanwhile I still have some places left on the Fabric Owl half day workshop next Thursday, 15th November, and until Sunday you can get 20% off this class!

Very much influenced by the lovely Kerry, I made this pincushion as a ‘finish during the class’ project for my Handsewn Patchwork workshop, which was repeated again last week.

Just 2 EPP rosettes joined together, stuffed (I added some rice to the base for weight), and a little embroidery and a button added for detailing.

Christmas shopping is in full swing at our real life shop, Avery Homestore, in Edinburgh. And Sarah and I have been having fun making up a range of gift cases. These mini, patchwork patterned suitcases are filled with lovely crafty goodies. Above is the Embroidery Starter Kit, complete with printed Mini Boris Portrait embroidery pattern.

Here’s the Patchwork Giftcase and below is the Liberty Inspiration Giftcase, available in light or dark colourways. There is also a Fabric Lover’s Giftcase. All of these are available on our website and make really lovely presents for a crafty friend. Or put them on your wish list!

 I’ve had our new member of staff, Barbara, helping me make these Kilner Jar gift sets.

 Each one has a combination of buttons, threads, fabric, wool and felt, plus a padded pincushion top!

The larger jar also has fabric and a pack of needles. Unfortunately these won’t be available to my online customers (glass is too hard to mail order), but for all my local peeps the larger is £8.99 and the smaller £4.99.  I also sell the kilner jars if you fancy making your own!

Plus I will be taking them to the Country Living Fair in Glasgow in a couple of weeks time, where I will also be doing a demo every day – yikes!
More on this very soon!


  1. FABULOUS ideas girlie!! I love any kind of kits like that….great, great present ideas and to add your pattern too…brilliant!

    You are having too much fun….wish I was there to work with you!!

  2. What gorgeous colourful happy makes
    OOOOHHHH I do so wish I lived closer to your shop – however – I think Mr B AND my wallet are grateful I don't

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